Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tiny Dancer

I get it, I do. Letting the parents watch their darling little dance prodigies practice ballet every week distracts the girls from their lessons. I see the reasoning, but I still think it sucks. Totally sucks. Only 2 days a year do we get to sit on uncomfortable plastic chairs, poking our significant others and trying to quietly whisper to each other that no, we are not at all biased. We are objective, reasonable, non-judgemental people who just happen to be the parents of the better-than-best dancer in the room. Obviously.

Now that Caelin is 6, she is in what they term "pre-primary" ballet. When I took lessons oh-so-many eons ago, the positions all had numbers. Like First Position, Second Position, Third Position... you get where I'm going with this. Apparently this number system was so confusing to little girls (not our genius, mind you - she's brilliant, and a great dancer if I forgot to mention), that they have been renamed into things like "Pizza Position". Because really, if they're going to be ballet dancers, they're going to get to eat loads of pizza. Really.

I hate to bombard with photos (no I don't), but I have kazillions of shots of this 45-minute rare watching event. Though I have to say, I thought it was quite obnoxious of my normally so-sweet husband to giggle at the crazy woman scooting around the room on her tush for a better angle while the "civilized" parents sat on their uncomfortable plastic chairs and took, like, 3 photos each. Amateurs. 132 pictures isn't so much, not when your kid is this darn cute, anyway.


BillaBongx said...

Too bad i slept in on your watching day. I totally missed out. But you are one GORGEOUS Ballet dancer :)
Love you sweetie!!

PS keep uploading more pics great idea.


Grandma W. said...

Definitely a candidate for the National School of Ballet!
Grandma W.