Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Happy Halloweenies

A happy (late) Boo to Everyone! Thanks to the husband, we had an amazing yard display this year. Despite some problems to be worked out with the moving ghost and the el-cheapo- Michaels-brand fog machine crapping out, the kids loved it all!

The creepy fence made from recovered barn wood:

The creepy walkway of skulls flanked by tombstones, pumpkins and a plethora of ooky-spooky creatures:

And spookiest of all, my Pink Poodle and Pirate Princess!

The pouty face above was brought on by the realization that going outside with Mommy did NOT mean Trick-or-Treating quite yet, but actually meant being expected to smile patiently for the camera instead. Poor mistreated child. The Mommy of the Year Award may be passing me by again this year.

The girls, of course, enjoyed a "mountain" of candy and shared it so nicely with their Daddy, like the princesses that they are. (Sometimes).

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Grandma W. said...

Thank goodness you explained the 'pouty face'. I just knew that you had done something horrible to incur her wrath! Great pictures of the house and my beautiful grandchildren. Keep 'em coming!
Grandma W.