Thursday, November 22, 2007

Never Fully Dressed...

... without a hat!

Sometimes it is because Mommy is just too tired to fight with a squirmy-wormy little girl with tangles in her hair and tears in her eyes.

Occasionally it is because it is cold outside and well, a hat is just Required.

But usually it is just because they are too darned cute for me to resist. Especially when they are matchy-matchy big sis/little sis hats.

Here, Caelin is showing hers off to the utmost, pretending to be a model. Which is really quite clever, since she is photographed as much as most models, anyway. Only thing missing, really, is her paycheque. Unless you count peanut butter cups as payment. Which thankfully, she does. Give it a couple years and she'll realize that the 'cups won't take her nearly as far at the mall as some cold, hard cash-er-oonie.

Gracie, on the other hand, will accept no bribe of the 'cups to look at the camera until she sees fit. Nor does she pay attention to the screaming lunatic behind the camera, simply ignoring the waving arms and calling voice as though Mommy weren't even there. This explains why most of my Gracie photos will show her looking away because sometimes, well, I just get tired of waiting and take the picture anyway.


Anonymous said...

Goodness Crystal, you ARE good at taking pictures!! I need you to come and take some of my kiddos. ;) I love the hats!


Grandma W. said...

I think Gracie is deprived because she didn't get a naked-baby-in-the-big-fat-pumpkin-picture like Caelin did. You obviously conditioned Caelin to the camera whereas Grace prefers the 'aloof, you can't take my picture' stance.

Doesn't matter though. They're both beautiful.

Brandee said...

Them babies are darn cute! Glad I finally got the link to here... and welcome to the blog world. And beware - it is more than a bit addictive!

Tanya said...

Awww! Those are so great! I love the hats, I wish my girls would wear hats.