Friday, November 9, 2007

Tinier Dancer

When it comes to the end of the day, all is right with the world only if "Me Too", formerly known as Grace, if she has been the equal recipient of each and every right, privilege, and candy that has been afforded to her big sister. And so, at the ripe old age of 3 years and 1 week old, Grace started her own dance lessons. And as she gleefully reminds Caelin every Saturday morning as they don their outfits, hers is FIRST.

Watching Day for Grace's class made painfully clear the reason why they ban parents from enjoying a performance every week. That reason is Grace. While she was mildly interested in the lesson, her focus was mainly on how she could turn, wave, and smile at her parents without getting in trouble from her teacher yet again.

I think MY proudest moment was when their (oh-so-patient-she-should-be-declared-a-saint) teacher asked them all to stand in a line, and they all, including Grace, stood nicely, ready to dance. Mind you, Grace was the only one facing backward. And secretly winking at Mom.
Someday, perhaps, the ballet school will kindly suggest that Grace try a more creative outlet where she can express her um, different, personality, but in the meantime, she's purty darn cute in that tutu.


Grandma W. said...

Just can't wait for the yearly Christmas Dance Concert!

Anonymous said...

What? Gracie is a performer to rival her Mamma? Isn't it great that she has learned to speak (her mind) and not hold all that unitelligible seething in?? Kudos the sliding around on your butt, taking weird pictures. How many girls thought you were looking up their skirts?!
Looove those pics, Dee

Anonymous said...

My second favorite ballet dancer!!
I love the pictures, they turned out really good.
- Steffanie