Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Daredevil Emerges

... at the sledding hill. And, not shockingly, the Daredevil would be Gracie. In response to her big sister's pleas of "No, no, we're high enough!", Gracie yelled "Higher, Faster, Higher, Daddy!"

Yup, like we didn't see that coming. At least her Aunt Steffanie will have someone to ride the roller coasters with in a few years, right? Then she can get it out of her system and avoid all the future teenage nastiness with fast cars and the boys who drive them. Right.

The girls learned quickly the fastest and easiest way up the hill, of course.

They also quickly learned, however, that payback is a bitch.

Despite Mommy's frozen toes, the girls loved the ups and downs and ups and downs, and after awhile were able to coax Daddy off of the sled so they could have some parent-free fun.

And of course, some of that speacial sister-to-sister bonding that happens when the nosies are pink and the toesies are frozen.


Melissa said...

What fun!! They look so beautiful with there rosy cheeks and big smiles. :) Great pictues, as always!


Grandma W. said...

Dream on! The fast cars will probably be DRIVEN by our little Gracie!
Looks like everyone had a great time but it would be nice to have some "Mommy" pictures too!

grandma Sherry said...

Through the eyes of a of the memories of childhood winters brought back to me.As always picture perfect.I also agree that there is more to the family then 3."Suck it up!" Miss photographer.I "picture"(pun intended)the girls in the future...with regrets of no memories to be looked at... of "Mommy" when they were having fun growing up.