Friday, January 25, 2008

He Finally Did It ! ! ! !

Not that I would ever admit to being picky, because that is *so* not in my nature (the admitting) , but in the past the husband has proved less than fabulously successful in picking out gifts for me.

He tries harder than most, he really does, and he has come up with brilliant ideas in the past. It isn't his fault that the super-cool floor washing robot didn't actually get the floors clean. Perhaps in a few years the technology will be vastly improved and the little robot will do more than shoot water and suck it up, leaving no more little footprints in its wake.

The vacuum that I got last year was well-received, even if the most important part of the gift, the promising to use it *for* me, was forgotten by the first week in January. Sigh.

But this year, THIS year, I got the best present ever! In collaboration with my brilliant Caelin, he finally got the reaction he has tried for for SOOOO many years: tears under the tree. I'm blaming it on hormones ('cause we women-folk can do that), but when I opened the gift that I am about to share with you all, I actually cried.

Okay, here it is. Now, it was a set of 3 photos that I received, but it was this one that got me.

Isn't she just gorgeous? Sure, the cheesy photoshopping with the fairies is cute and all, but look at her face. Just look at it.

In all the kajillion photos that I have taken of this child, none have shown her like this. This is my girl. Her pure, sweet nature. Her gorgeous smile. It is just so. Her.

So, husband, you finally did it. Let's give him all a fantabulous hand! Maybe next year, I'll get a picture of *both* my girls, but this year, honey, you did great! Thank you.


Melissa said...

Crystal, that is a beautiful picture!! I am green with envy, lol!! I want one of my little girl. I am so happy that you got the gift of your dreams!!


dadintexas said...

wow that is a GREAT picture and yes she sure is GORGEOUS

Brandee said...

Great Job to him! She is beautiful. I'm putting together family pics for Grandma's nursing home, I may steal this one. Got any of all of you?