Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's that time of year (again)

The freezer is quickly being filled to the brim with holiday baking, the music of choice in the car and at home is Christmas carols, and the TV is filled with the holiday specials made by every cartoon character ever made. Sigh.

But the fun part of Christmas is getting Christmas photos back from Sears. While loudly not impressed with their lack of photoshop-ability to remove a little ouchie from Caelin's face (in fact, I believe the term that the loving husband used was that I was being passive-agressive), the pictures turned out quite well. After getting the pictures home, scanning them in, and making some minor adjustments, they are ready to share with you all. (Don't worry, Grandmas, I have bigger files for printing them out).

There is definitely something to be said for letting someone else take pictures of your children for you. Much less yelling for "real" smiles, and due to my sad lack of studio-quality lighting, I'd be plunking their chilly little tushies into snowbanks at -20 to get some good natural light. Not that I'd be against that, mind you, but apparently "suck it up, princess" does not inspire kids to give you their happiest Christmas grins. Whiners.


grandma Sherry said...

I am always so proud when I see this blog.My heart swells with love for 2 wonderful grandchildren.I am proud I have a daughter-in-law that takes the time to write such awesome words.So that all of us may continue to be in their lives.I enjoy the comments from family and friends who feel the same way I do.It is greatly appreciated and brightens up my day.xoxo

Melissa said...

Crystal, you chose the same wintry background I did!!! We have good taste, huh? ;)