Saturday, December 22, 2007

Decking the Halls

Oh, the preparations. Between the shopping, cooking, and assorted merriments of the season, alas Ryan was lacking in time to bake the girls a "real" gingerbread house this year.

We will hold tightly to the hope that next year, our award-winning gingerbread artist Daddy will show us how it is done, but in the meantime, the girls had a blast with their own creations. While the "shell" was courtesy of Michael's, they spent the evening inputting their own creativity and effort.

Grace enjoyed inputting the candy into her mouth.

And Caelin, flushed with the Fifth Disease that had shown up the night before, took great pride in her work, diligently placing each candy just so.

We also considered that our decorations were lacking a little something furry this year, and so Santa's elves made an early delivery and blessed us with little Dozer.

Dozer is a darling little boy Chihuahua and is a hefty 1 1/2 pounds. You can all look forward to the wedding photos this spring when Daisy and Dozer will tie the knot in a backyard wedding ceremony and reception.

Yep, seriously. As per our pounding it in over years of conversation, Caelin holds firm in the belief that one *must* be married before having babies. Upon learning that in the future, Daisy may have little puppies of her own, a very serious discussion developed about this value that we hold so important.

And thus, a seamstress has been comissioned to create the wedding attire, and the invitations will be mailed out in May. As the date nears, we will advise as to where the happy couple has registered.


grandma Sherry said...

Okay ,this was definatly a surprise!Building a doghouse out of gingerbread...alright,alright I do know better.But ...for sure I did not know that a shoe will give birth to a puppy.Perhaps the fairies in the manger is not so off the wall after all.

Grandma W. said...

And will you require a musician and singer for the wedding? Count us in! Nothing like accordian music to set the hearts a-flutter!

Janet M said...

That gingerbread house is adorable and the pictures of them working on in are great.

smilesandpeacesigns said...

Oh my gosh! Your little ones are adorable, ans so is the little ity bitty teeny weeny doggy!!!!