Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Not really, I guess. The only scary thing about these pictures of the girls on Halloween is that it took me almost 3 weeks to share them. Maybe that's not scary, really. Maybe bordering on a bit sad, a bit embarrassing, a bit... nevermind.

Caelin played the oh-so-fun game of musical costumes this year. She wanted to be a Corpse Bride, so we ordered her a beautiful lilac dress that we could distress with mud and scissors, and add a nice raggy veil to.

Said beautiful dress arrived, and the only thing that got distressed was Caelin, with the thought of ruining her pretty new dress. Corpse Bride was quickly abandoned for Newly Dead Model (no decomposing of the dress), then finally Model, so that pretty makeup could be added.

Gracie decided to be a vet this year, because she loves taking care of her doggies. Mean old me wouldn't let her take the dogs out trick-or-treating to torment the neighbor kids, so she chose a snuggly little Webkinz instead.

And she spent the day and evening correcting everyone that called her a Cute Little Doctor. No, actually, she would pull my leg and whisper to me to correct them. Such fun, being bossed around by a 4 year old. A lot.

But who could say no to that little face? Or the other little face, really. I spend entire days around here just trying to say no to cute little girly faces and failing miserably.
I guess there are worse ways to spend your days.

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Melissa said...

Your girls are so beautiful Crystal, I enjoy seeing the pics of them. :)